Introducing the New Citrus America

It's kind of funny. On one hand, you have a timeless ingredient that hasn't changed much over the course of millions of years. The fresh, zesty smell. The sting you get when you squeeze an orange rind and the essence gets in your eyes. And then there's the juice. Of course, there's the juice.

Citrus hasn't changed much over the millennia. It looks the way it used to look. It smells the same. It's shaped the same ways, and as far as we know, it even tastes the way it always has.

On the other hand, you have Citrus America, a company designed to help consumers make the most of these wonderful ingredients. We exist because we know how to extract the best qualities from oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits. Even more so, we're passionate about it.

So we made a choice. We decided to change our look and our goals to better reflect the innovative products we provide. While citrus hasn't changed much over the years, the technology and innovations we use to make the most of it has. And now, so has Citrus America.

A New Look with the Same Great Products

As you'll first see on our new website, we've rebranded the look and feel of Citrus America, from our logo all the way through the footer of our redesigned website. 


Our focus is two-fold. First, we want to highlight the beauty of citrus and the sleekness of solutions we provide to help extract its essence. You'll see a lot of stunning photography and video on our new site, and that will only improve as we highlight the operations using Citrus America products.

Second, we know operators have many questions and many choices when it comes to selecting the ideal juicer. Making the right choice is a formula comprised of knowing your needs and challenges, and then getting the right information to select the ideal unit. We're committed to publishing content that will help our customers make those choices, from the latest in fresh juice trends all the way down to the nuts and bolts of what makes one unit a better choice over another. Essentially, we're here to help education, and we hope to entertain our audience a bit in the process. After all, fresh juice is fun!

Thanks for taking a few minutes to learn about our new initiatives, and we look forward to sending you only the type of content that matters to you. Please take 20 seconds below to tell us what's important to you and what's not. We'll send you the pulp you want and throw the rest into the compost bin. Now, let's get juiced!

We're here to bring you the latest news, tips, and information on juicing. We invite you to click below and take a moment to let us know what content matters most to you.

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