Introducing the New Citrus America

Citrus hasn't changed much over the millennia, and humans have been juicing for centuries, if not longer. Citrus looks the way it’s always looked. It smells the same. It's shaped the same way and comes in the same great natural packaging. Oh, yeah… and it’s still loaded with lots of vitamins and nutrients and it still tastes great.

We help make great citrus even better! Juicing is not new, but we’re revolutionizing the way hotels, restaurants, grocery stores, and other businesses make and serve fresh juice. Citrus America is a company focused on helping consumers enjoy these wonderful ingredients in the most convenient way. We’re passionate about empowering the consumer to get the most amazing fresh juice experiences possible, and now we're happy to announce a new website and a digital presence that directly speaks to these points.

We're also extremely passionate about helping grocery stores, hotels, restaurants and a range of food service operators squeeze the most out of their business. Citrus America exists because we know how to extract the best qualities from oranges, limes, lemons, and grapefruits and we have the know-how to help the trade do so in the safest, most hygienic and most efficient way. We exist to help the trade be highly successful in implementing fresh juice strategies: that’s what we call Healthy Profits.

So we made a choice. We decided to freshen up our look and step up our goals to better reflect the innovative products, know how, and support we provide to the industry. Juicing one or two glasses of juice is easy and hasn’t changed much over the centuries, but juicing hundreds or even thousands of servings every day requires know-how, technology, equipment and a desire to provide the consumer with something special. Our website relaunch is designed to reflect all of that.

Citrus America, Inc. has been driving innovation and Healthy Profits for more than a decade… and we’re looking forward to another decade of innovation and helping our customers squeeze the most of their business.

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